Thursday, December 15, 2016

Marinduque Charity Ride

As promised, I went back to Marinduque. This time with my husband and the MCRC and Burlington Riders you can't get any better than that. I'm in good hands. This time a charity ride to Hinapulan elementary school and my going back to  visit Abel in Sibuyao.

We reach Lucena port around 2am. We drove our jeep 🚙 wrangler and pull in to a RoRo (roll on/roll off ferry. as well as all the motorcycles. We tried to get some sleep at the ferry but to little avail. 

Arriving at port of Balanacan, Marinduque past 6 am. Beautiful Marinduque in the morning! I can smell the fresh air and the cool breeze as we approach the port, the ever green natures surrounding and the nice people. I felt like home. Jeff was amazed of how green the place are and just like me He fell in love with the beauty of Marinduque. We are suddenly awake and excited!

More MCRC Riders at the port are waiting for us to join on this charity ride.
We just make a quick stop for a coffee then hit the road to Hinapulan.

We are in convoy, with four riders in front of us watching ahead and facilitating the traffic, with the wrangler in the middle and the rest of the riders followed behind us. The road to Hinapulan is very challenging a lot of sharp curves and narrow road but Jeff has an excellent driving skills so that was easy.
Took us 2 hours to get to our mission site. Here's the fun part, 3 rivers to crossed, our wrangler made it to the two rivers the 3rd one is deep for the wrangler to pass.
We carry our stuff I mean heavy boxes and crossed the 3rd river. The riders are just Awesome with their hard work,  right after the 3rd river there is this huge gigantic rubber tire that says "Welcome to Hinapulan Elementary School" I can already see hundred of kids and parents waiting for us with smiling faces like they are welcoming us.
The school principal welcome us and graciously prepared lunch for us. Things we gave: Boots pants- we gave boot pants to those family who have kids that crossed the 3 rivers everyday to go to school- this is to protect them from the Lead contaminated water due to Mccopper mining. Those kids their legs get rashes. itched and sometimes wounds from the contaminated river.

Boots pants- we gave boot pants to those family who have kids that crossed the 3 rivers everyday to go to school- this is to protect them from the Lead contaminated water.

Hydrocortisone cream- to sooth the itchiness
Flip flops
Chocolates and goodies,

KUDOS to The Marinduque Centro Riders Club and The Burlington Riders Club

Ferry ride

this two kids got tickled.

the boot pants,

enjoyinh their chocolates treat
120 pcs flip flops
with the Kids

My sweet journey to Abel

It took me 13 hours to be exact to get to Sibuyao, Marinduque from Manila. I travelled personally to meet  Abel and his son.
His life was featured in TV and that's where I watched him first time and vowed to help him and his son. I personally delivered myself the donation and cash. My ever loving kind family helps me pack and shopping stuff for Mang Abel and his son, I ended up bringing 2 boxes of groceries, old clothes and kitchen ware, I was able to shop for their shoes last minute. When we get to the city of Torrijos and before I hired a jeepney to take me to Sibuyao which is one hour drive, I bought 20kg of rice and other stuff to include.


Going to Sibuyao on the jeepney I got the chance to ride on the top of the jeepney roof which make my trip even more fun!!! Marinduque is a lovely place and the warm, smiley friendly face of Marinduquenio is unbeatable!
The greens and fresh air of Sibuyao make me even love the place. My 13 hours journey to this beautiful un touch place is worth the visit. But the most worth it and deserving of it all is to meet Mang Abel and his son,
It was quite a bit of emotional for me meeting them seeing their living condition and his struggle in life. He live in a shanty with a dirt floor.  His blind since he was 4 years old but his resilience, perseverance, hardworking, so pure heart and his faith in God, He cherish and value  his poor life ... I admired him so much.

My 2nd day stay, I meet Mang Abel and his son in the city of Torrijos where we bought Alvin's bicycle that is what Abel and his son wish to have a bicycle for transportation for his son to use in everyday going to school, and they got it!! I left him some cash allowance enough for them to get by for a month.

It was quite a journey for me but I will do it all over again whit out hesitation in fact I'm planning for my 2nd trip already.
Abel continuously need assistance of any kind, be it small amount, old clothes, foods etc. He will really appreciate it and will thank you endlessly.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

114th Philippine Independence day!!!!

One of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history is Independence Day. It marks the nation’s independence from Spanish rule on June 12, 1889. During our two years in Yaoundé, 2009-2011, the Filipino community there made it a point to celebrate Philippine Independence Day. We took part in that event each year, and it’s such a joy for me to have hosted it. This year we are posted in Bogota, and so far we’ve met only one other Filipina here. There is no Philippine embassy, not even a consulate here, the closest one is in Brazil. Hoping to be able to participate in Philippine Independence day celebration next year be it anywhere or perhaps I’ll host one in Bogota…hmmm…How I wish!!! To all my Kababayan out there feliz día de la independencia!!!! and to our very own Many Pacquiao good luck on November for the rematch! Here are some of the 2010-2011 Philippine Independence day celebration photos in Cameroon. full of Joy!!2010 us preparing-2010 and the lechon 2010 Dancing the Tinikling Douala and Yaounde chapter in Cameroon-2011 Cheers-2011 2011 so having fun!!! 2011

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our place in Bogota

We arrived in Bogota last July 2011. We were first put in a temporary apartment on Calle 85 near Andino mall, it's a nice area the only cons is the apartment is right at the corner of 85 and Carrera 10, a busy intersection not to mention motorists in Colombia love to honk! Two months later we moved into our assigned apartment, it has 3 bedrooms & 3.5 bathrooms. The apartment takes the whole 3rd floor, and the elevator open straight to our apartment so it's really nice plus it’s in a nice part of town called Chico. We’re still on the corner of an intersection, Carrera 9 & Calle 94, but it’s not too noisy. We have the Parque Chico and Parque 93 close to us, both in easy walking distance. In a city of 8M+ people, it’s nice to look out your windows and see the trees and green spaces of the parks. So we can walk to the parks and to restaurants easily, plus we have a small grocery nearby that we can walk to. On Sundays and local holidays, we can easily get to Carrera 7 (Septima) or Carrera 11 to take part in ‘ciclovia’, when certain streets are closed to cars and open to walkers, joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers…you name it, very cool.
Dining room
Living room
View from the balcony
TV room hallway going to the rooms

Friday, June 1, 2012

lots of catch up to do but first meet our Sofie!

It's been awhile since my last post. A lot of things happened since we left Yaounde, good things of course! We just had a new addition in the family. Sofia Marie, born March 15,2012 at City Hospital in Martinsburg , West Virginia . We are all together in Bogota, Col. for a 2 years tour. Bogota is a beautiful city, will tell you more and tour you around Bogota on my next post. Meet our little Sofie

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paris mon amour....

To visit Paris and climb up the Eiffel tower is just one of my dream come I can check the box.
The Louvre Musee

on our wedding anniversary.
a top of Eiffel Tower the view of Seine River
the champ du mars garden
View of the Arch de Triomphe from the 2nd level of the Eiffel tower
The illuminated Eiffel Tower at night
Breakfast at Bistro Ribe
Admiring the huge art "Les Noces de Cana painted in 1562 by Paolo Caliari
The Mona lisa at Louvre Museum
Climbing up the 669 steps of Eiffel Tower
Coffee break on the second level of the Eiffel tower
Lovers at the summit of Eiffel tower
cheers to us baby