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Thursday, December 15, 2016

My sweet journey to Abel

It took me 13 hours to be exact to get to Sibuyao, Marinduque from Manila. I travelled personally to meet  Abel and his son.
His life was featured in TV and that's where I watched him first time and vowed to help him and his son. I personally delivered myself the donation and cash. My ever loving kind family helps me pack and shopping stuff for Mang Abel and his son, I ended up bringing 2 boxes of groceries, old clothes and kitchen ware, I was able to shop for their shoes last minute. When we get to the city of Torrijos and before I hired a jeepney to take me to Sibuyao which is one hour drive, I bought 20kg of rice and other stuff to include.


Going to Sibuyao on the jeepney I got the chance to ride on the top of the jeepney roof which make my trip even more fun!!! Marinduque is a lovely place and the warm, smiley friendly face of Marinduquenio is unbeatable!
The greens and fresh air of Sibuyao make me even love the place. My 13 hours journey to this beautiful un touch place is worth the visit. But the most worth it and deserving of it all is to meet Mang Abel and his son,
It was quite a bit of emotional for me meeting them seeing their living condition and his struggle in life. He live in a shanty with a dirt floor.  His blind since he was 4 years old but his resilience, perseverance, hardworking, so pure heart and his faith in God, He cherish and value  his poor life ... I admired him so much.

My 2nd day stay, I meet Mang Abel and his son in the city of Torrijos where we bought Alvin's bicycle that is what Abel and his son wish to have a bicycle for transportation for his son to use in everyday going to school, and they got it!! I left him some cash allowance enough for them to get by for a month.

It was quite a journey for me but I will do it all over again whit out hesitation in fact I'm planning for my 2nd trip already.
Abel continuously need assistance of any kind, be it small amount, old clothes, foods etc. He will really appreciate it and will thank you endlessly.


Kahlan Lee said...

I am watching the show right now through Facebook. Even though I don't know Abel personally, thank you for giving help.

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